What is the Veterans Smackdown Challenge?

The Veterans Smackdown Challenge is a Social Media contest designed to go viral to motivate each and every American citizen to raise money for veterans programs and organizations. Likened to the hype of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment, one person challenges another to make a pledge by donating a minimum or exceeding amount pledged. Threats for donations should be executed like the tone of wrestlers who dare their social media opponent to bring on the challenge.  The purpose is to raise funds to support job creation, eradicate homelessness, and provide medical needs to pay homage to those who have not only died but killed for us.  We must work together to prove their invaluable service to this great country is not in vain.

The VET 22 Textathon Challenge
Please text the following – “I am One in a Million Americans participating in the “I Love My Military Veterans” Textathon Challenge by supporting VET 22 by texting “Give Your donation amount to 404-800-9037” – to all of your family and friends! We need to let our veterans know that at least one million Americans appreciate and support them. Please hope the VET 22 campaign make this texting challenge go viral! Your payment will be processed by Frontline Community Services, Inc. a 50 (4/4) 1(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization. Please visit www.vet22.vet to learn more about the VET 22 programs. Thank you so very much for your support and generousity! All of your efforts will not go in vain!

□ To donate by phone, call (888) 638-3822.

□ Mail donations to Front line Community Services, Inc:  3781 Presidential Parkway, Suite 10, Atlanta, GA 30340