VET 22 offers veterans of all ages practical guidance in rebuilding their lives by helping them regain general life skills to overcome daily struggles.  Applying specific concepts designed to ensure their integrity and meet their needs enables them to jump-start their lives and maintain a level of stability towards the pathway to self-worth.


VET 22’s mission is to provide favorable atmosphere for veterans to garner camaraderie and grant gateways allowing them to pursue their dreams. By providing an array of career modules, the program accommodates each veteran’s preferred course of study, allowing them to be a viable member of society and give back to their community.


  1. Commitment – VET 22 is a program guaranteed to help veterans who open their hearts to receive sound advice, safe housing, job training and employment instruction.
  2. Restoration – By virtue of rendering various programs, VET 22 makes a vow to always place high emphasis on the holistic restoration of our veterans in mind, body and spirit.
  3. Integrity – The integrity of VET 22 is of paramount importance. We are obligated to always maintain a supportive reputation for all veterans, while enhancing their livelihood.